PS: Best of friends – a request

img_1916If you enjoy reading this blog, could I ask you, please, to forward a link to to a friend who might possibly be interested? I would love these Cambridge women to be out in the world more… thank you so much for reading and following, and for all of your thoughtful comments. Your support is very much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “PS: Best of friends – a request

  1. Emily Midorikawa says:

    I most certainly will, Ann. If there’s anyone you think might be interested in Something Rhymed, I wonder if you could perhaps do the same? This is a lovely idea. Hope you are well. All the best,Emily Emily Midorikawa – co-author of A Secret – celebrating female literaryfriendship


  2. Simon Boyd says:

    Hi Ann

    Would you be happy for me to send it to my friend Jo Warrior (also goes under the name of Joss Alexander) who interviewed  me at the Union. She is a professional editor and writer and would I think be interested (she lives in Cambridge)?


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  3. Tamsin Wimhurst says:

    Hi Ann
    I have yet to read this (which I will this afternoon when I have caught up with all my e-mails, and looking forward to it). I did share it on facebook and a Historian friend Tim Stretton very much liked it.
    Hope all is well with you. We have come to Norfolk for the bank holiday – where the temperature is rather lower than everywhere else but a good mini break and a time to catch up on bits and pieces.
    I did read your piece on the research you have been doing for the David Parr House – all fascinating but also I do admire how you stitch together the fragments to make such a full picture of what you find out. A real skill.
    Thank you.

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