Beatriz Allende (1942-1977)

Beatriz Allende

As one of the Women’s History Network independent researchers for 2021-22, I’m honoured to be chairing an online WHN seminar at 4pm on 8 June 2022, in which Dr Tanya Harmer (associate professor at LSE) will present her paper on Beatriz Allende, the revolutionary doctor and daughter of Chile’s socialist president, Salvador Allende. Harmer’s recent biography Beatriz Allende: A Revolutionary Life in Cold War Latin America (University of North Carolina Press, 2020) draws on exclusive access to her private papers, as well as firsthand interviews, to connect the private and political and reveal the human dimensions of radical upheaval. It promises to be a fascinating talk, and I am looking forward to it – and grateful for WHN’s support for my own research this year.

You can find out more details about the talk, and sign up for a Zoom link below.

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