My essays and reviews

Below are some links to a selection of my recent essays and reviews:

‘Wild Child’, my essay on Jane Austen’s youthful writings, in the Dublin Review of Books, January 2022:

‘In the field at last: a biography of five pioneering women anthropologists’, my review of Frances Larson’s Undreamed Shores, in the TLS 25 June 2021

‘Planted in foreign soil: a rich portrait of a difficult marriage’, my review of Marina Warner’s memoir, Inventory of a Life Mislaid, in the TLS, 26 March 2021

‘Let her be Ariadne: the brilliant, resilient Sylvia Plath behind the myth’ , my TLS cover feature essay on four new Plath books, 13 November 2020:

‘The Hard Life’, my essay on Deirdre Bair’s account of writing Samuel Beckett’s first biography, in her acclaimed memoir Parisian Lives (Atlantic Books, 2020), in the Dublin Review of Books, 5 June 2020

Endell Street by Wendy Moore review – the suffragette surgeons’ The Guardian, 17 April 2020

‘Coming Home: Brian Moore’s The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne’ Slightly Foxed, 65, Spring 2020. My essay is reprinted here on my blog with kind permission of Slightly Foxed.

‘Cursed with hearts and brains: female intellectuals and muses of the twentieth century’ Times Literary Supplement cover feature, 17 January 2020

‘The Fall of the House of Kempe’, Journal of Victorian Culture, Volume 24, Issue 4, October 2019